The nutrition therapy

Practice for dietary and nutritional therapy in Germany
Manager Inna Lawrenjuk
Registered Dietitian at Practice for dietary and nutritional therapy.

Diet "Made in Germany"
Nutrition counseling is increasingly gaining in importance and presents an essential part in modern medicine.
Withal, the Greek term for "diet" stands for a "way of life", which is a very applicable interpretation.
Consequently, we work in harness with our patients to develop a comprehensive nutrition plan appropriating their respective life situation.
Your sense of well-being is our profession.
Since its founding in 2001, the practice for dietary and nutrition counseling in Darmstadt has been lead by the state-recognized dietitian Inna Lawrenjuk and celebrates its 22th anniversary this year.
We provide you with professionally qualified dietary and nutrition counseling based on recognized nutritional science and according to the standards of the German Nutrition Society (DGE).
A close cooperation between treating physician and dietitian is therefore a vital part in the application of nutritional measures.
Dietary and nutrition counseling can help abbreviate stationary treatment time, reduce the use of pharmaceuticals and its side effects, as well as prevent consequential damages in due time.
Make nutritions plans for people with cancer is a one of the main directions our practice.